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FYI: HWiNFO64 6.04

Started by robster2001, April 10, 2019, 05:36:17 PM

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I know this isn't something you should have to deal with, but... the HWiNFO64 6.04 installer is not honoring the silent install flags, causing unattended installation jobs to time out.  I ran the update job manually tonight and had to accept a couple of installation prompts, after which HWiNFO got out of the way and allowed PatchMyPC to complete its tasks.

Does Windows provide you any way to detect and work around something like this?


Still happening with HWiNFO 6.06.  I don't mind doing this one manually, as literally everything else I use updates correctly.

Omar (Patch My PC)

Sorry for the late reply, unfortunately looks like there is no workaround for this prompt :\
We should contact the devs they may fix this for silent installation.