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Unlocker 1.9.2.exe - Detected as: Malware / PUP / Adware etc ~38%

Started by jhalter007, June 26, 2018, 02:18:26 AM

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I was surprised when Malwarebytes quarantined this app when I tried to install via PatchMyPC so I checked a few sites (VirusTotal, etc) and well let's just say it's reputation is pretty questionable on those reputable sites.

My question is simply - Is this really something that you want to offer for download and install?   

It gave me pause when flagged and then after reading up on it thought maybe you could consider a "warning" before installing it if nothing else because of potential malware, etc. 

Reading the sandbox behavior report this app it takes great lengths to do things and evade detection of those actions that one would not expect this program to do.

See Sandbox Program Behavior Analysis:


pretty sure you can say this program at a minimum will most likely introduce or attempt to introduce WebToolbar.Babylon

also (referenced in analysis above):


Anyway -

Thanks for an awesome app - just was caught off guard by this little utility.


Omar (Patch My PC)

Sorry about this! This app was requested a lot by too many users, the problem is it hasn't got any updates since 2013 so it's outdated and not even signed, So it has many false positives from many anti viruses!
We just had to host it a while ago because the official isn't working anymore!
Thanks for the heads up! We've found a clean msi installer that we will be using instead of that infected exe one, And will look into adding alternatives as well :)
But this will be applied in the next Patch My PC release.

Omar (Patch My PC)

This was fixed in the last release of Patch My PC v4.1.0.0 :)