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Great Website Update!

Started by Aitch, February 20, 2018, 06:55:50 AM

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Looking much better dudes - and the video is superb... y'all really are kicking ass now!
I hope you've upgraded your servers because there's gonna be a lot of people downloading PMP this year!

As usual (lol!) some ideas to improve things! ;)

1) Why not move the Reviews from the sidebar and put them across the top - much more in yo face!
2) Put the Donate button in the top-bar - again, more visible and tidier overall!
3) Move the Resources box further up, to replace the Review box - so it can be seen immediately without scrolling down!
4) Shout out load the number of apps covered - you guys are still just whispering lol!   

Kinda like this:

Keep up the good work bro's! 8)

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Are you available for hire as a Microsoft Paint consultant :P

Thanks for the feedback.


Hollywood should ask me to do all their CGI lol!

Guess what Justin - some more suggestions haha!

1) There's a lot of overlap on the Overview and Download pages - why not merge/eliminate them?
2) Tech Support shows the Forum and Email - why not focus on the Forum as your email address is already in Contact Us...
3) Do you really need your phone number on the homepage - again, it's already there in Contact...

So here's version 2.0 lol:

Behold it's breathtaking beauty and minimalist elegance!  ;D