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3rd party app install issues

Started by louish, October 19, 2020, 11:45:28 AM

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Hi all, my org has been using PatchMyPC since May and it has been performing really well. However this month I noticed an oddity. Our 3rd party application deployments are appearing to install most but not all updates thus causing our deployment compliancy data to report that non are compliant but are "in Progress" when looking at the data for each endpoint they all collectively seem to be stuck with Webex Teams Version 3.0.16605.0. When looking at one of the machines I see that the application is showing as available in software center and when attempting to install it just sits at Downloading.

I've made sure the application is downloaded to the deployment package. I've also gone in to the PatchMyPc configurator and set the webex teams installer to republish at next sync and forced a manual sync. I am testing to see if this has an impact.

Looking at the UpdatesDeployment.log I see that the download has started but nothing seems to happen.  My work machine that is in the same testing deployment got all the updates but about 95% of all other workstations seem to have this issue.

Cody Mathis (Patch My PC)

Are you able to validate that WebEx Teams is downloaded in SCCM, and part of a deployment package that is distributed to Distribution Points your clients are associated with?


Hi Cody, Yes, I have made sure that the content is downloaded, added to the appropriate Deployment package and that the deployment package has been distributed to the DPs