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Cisco Jabber

Started by michelob, March 09, 2022, 03:04:09 PM

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We have begun deploying the latest Cisco Jabber, and have had issues with the installation in our first pilot group (1 device for now). The cached files are downloading to the ccmcache folder as expected. However, when running the install, it craters out within 15 seconds, but the PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner log file shows that it installed with an exit code 0. Device is Windows 10 v1909. We have added no specialized tweaks to the package, and the installing device does not have any other versions of the software installed. We've rebooted and cleared cache. We are needing this deployed to about 1800 devices in our enterprise, but we'd like to get past this first hurdle. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how we can make this move forward?

Andrew Jimenez (Patch My PC)


This would be better suited for a support request. Would you be able to submit a request to: https://patchmypc.com/technical-support

If you could also provide the following log files from a client, with that request, it would also be helpful: