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Is OneDrive actually needed in PatchMyPC?

Started by NekoJonez, March 22, 2019, 03:53:21 AM

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I didn't know where to put this question so, I thought... I'll put it in general.

So, something I asked myself is this... Is OneDrive actually needed in PatchMyPC? The reason I think that is because the updates for that program come with Windows Update... So, yeah... It already automatically updates. Or am I wrong in this?

Omar (Patch My PC)

You are not wrong actually, But it's mainly for the people who pauses or disables their Windows 10 updates and might need to update OneDrive all the time, also it's for the users of Windows 7 :)


Also, many of us do not use Onedrive and it doesn't get updated in Windows update. Also, Windows Update seems very very slow in updating Onedrive even with Auto update on. I worry that since it is on my computer and not getting updated by Microsoft, that it still poses a vulnerability.


got stuck into it help will be apreciated