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GIMP 2.10.24 update needs restart

Started by sw-deploy, September 09, 2021, 12:13:45 AM

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If an old version (2.8.16) of GIMP is open during the update of 2.10.24 there is a restart required.
The update will be installed successfully but closing the old version takes a few minutes.
Also in the installation location there are the old gimp-2.8.exe beneath the new gimp-2.10.exe .
As well opening the new version after the update is not possible and pops up an error message.

After restarting the device, GIMP is working again, but the old version exe still exist (this is not a PmPC fault, I guess).
Closing GIMP before the update, will not keep the old gimp-2.8.exe.

Is it possible to optimize the installation for GIMP?


In general, updating an application while it is running is never a good choice.
While an application is running support DLLs are locked and can only be updated during a reboot.
Since the application is running the current executable will not be removed, since it is locked.
You need to check with the GIMP developers, so they enhance their installer to also remove the old EXE.


The old exe file does not matter.
But maybe it is possible to check before installing if the application is already open and set a reboot after finishing the update.

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey @sw-deploy!

Thanks for reaching out on the forum.

I'm just going to test this out in my lab, confirm the issue and see what we can do to help you resolve this :)

In the mean time, Can you confirm which version of the Publisher you are using? You can find this in the "About" tab
Lastly, Do you have verbose logging enabled for GIMP? If so, would you mind emailing ([email protected]) me the following logs from a client device:

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey @sw-deploy

I recreated this in my lab and it looks to be expected behaviour from GIMP.

It is common for applications to request a reboot post install if the files are in use, Which would also explain why the previous version of the .exe is left in the install directory.

You can avoid the pending reboots using our Manage Conflicting Processes feature, https://patchmypc.com/manage-conflicting-processes-when-updating-third-party-applications, This will let you prompt your users to close GIMP when the update is ready to install.


Hello Scott!

I will test that on the client and report back.


Hello Scott!

I set the option for "manage conflicting processes" on GIMP.
- Notify the user to close the application. Timeout after 300 seconds.
- Prevent the end-user from opening an application while the application is updating.
- Always show the notification.
- Do not allow user deferral.
- added gimp-2.8.exe to the managing process list.

Then republished the update.
But there is no republished update and the notification windows did not appear.
MEMCM installed the update while GIMP 2.8 is open without notification.

Did I something wrong or why does this not working?

PatchMyPC Publisher is up-to-date (


All fixed with the latest GIMP update.