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Hi all,

We publish VLC Media Player to our users.  A new version came out and I'm seeing the following error in the publishing report:

VLC Media Player 3.0.21 (EXE-x64)

"A web error occurred while downloading the file: ConnectFailure Unable to connect to the remote server"

Is anyone else seeing this?
It is a supported product: XK72 Ltd -> Charles (x64)  :)

The app does install but during the installation it doesn't create an desktop icon or start menu item. And the firewall rules aren't set. So a user without admin rights cannot use the program (if they ever find it...)

I've mailed you the requested log files.
Please open a support case.
While the error message from your initial post is benign, if you no longer have any successful syncs, there is something else at play.

Please collect the PMPC Logs (General tab then press on Collect logs.
Please attach the logs to the support case.
Thanks for confirming but my last successful sync however was on the previous Sunday. No successful Sync this Sunday and Manual Sync's are not working. Should I open a support case?
Hey mpotase,

The error is benign and can be safely ignored.
This error only means that the connection to portal.patchmypc.com is not yet configured on the Cloud tab. This also means you are not using the new custom apps feature we released a few months ago.
MY PMPC is no longer syncing I'm seeing the following error message when I initiate a SYNC "Failed to verify connection to the cloud: [StatusCode: 405]". When I test Intune apps\updates all looks good.

Anyone have any insight into what could be causing this?

Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / Re: Program update errors
Last post by SDKat - June 12, 2024, 04:29:38 AM

NO, I do NOT have older versions of the programs.  LibreOffice is ALSO on the list to downgrade, as well as several others.  OH well, it was good while it lasted.
This means you have both old and newer versions installed, it's just showing you that the older versions of these apps are installed, you need to manually uninstall the older versions of 7-Zip and VLC.
Ah I see, I don't believe this is a supported product, is this a Custom App you have created?

We will need a few more things from you so we can troubleshoot this issue.

Can you send the log files listed below to [email protected] with the subject "Charles Proxy install issues"?

        This may be found in the %ProgramData%\PatchMyPC\ if the Install was initiated by the user from Software Center.
        This may be found in the %temp% of the user who clicked 'Install' in Software Center if it was an 'Available' deployment.

I'm referring to Charles Proxy from Patch My PC. Installation from MECM. Attached is the installation log.

All the other applications work without any problem