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Hi any news on this?
There is a severe security issue fixed with the latest patch:
This is the moment PMP should show what its worth for us.
Any other escalation possibilities for customers besides the forum?

This security patch was released last month in v15.8.3

This is CrystalDiskInfo's fault, they are using version 8_2_2 in the display versions instead of 8.2.2 !!!
Patch My PC or any other software can't detect this as a version number!
And in the past they used to leave the previous updates installed with the latest ones ! That's also their fault and problem the main issue with you, you should remove any older updates for it.
Also now we just named it 8 for now until they fix this 8_2_2, but the latest URL is using v8.2.2, so just select it and update it and it will update to the latest version.

Probably you have 32-Bit of VLC 3.0.3 and Patch My PC installed the latest 64-Bit, So you need to uninstall v3.0.3.
Or it installed the latest version along with v3.0.3 so you also need to uninstall v3.0.3.

Report Bugs and Issues (Free Home Updater) / Re: LibreOffice 7.0.0
« on: August 05, 2020, 03:15:33 PM »
Looks like they have changed the download links, it's fixed now.

Checking Revo Pro, you're correct. Thanks for the warning, as I know well the pitfalls of uninstalling an earlier version of Opera.

Follow up: Deleting the main registry entry (folder) for the particular build of Opera 69 in question seems to have solved it. I understand that's not something you would normally suggest here for the average user, though.

Exactly! I was going to tell you about the registry but I wasn't sure if you are an advanced user or not :D
Glad it worked :)

Thanks for reporting, we will look into this.

That means you have that v69 installed along with v70 !
You should remove v69 but be careful because it may remove v70 as well.

Done, thank you.

This is the default location and you can change it to where ever you want!

PMPC never downgrades, If v3.3.7367 shows in red then it means it's installed with the latest version you have and needs to be removed.

v3.4 is still beta, we only add the latest stable versions of apps.

That usually means that you older updates of Opera that aren't removed! 69.0.3686.49 and 69.0.3686.57
So make sure they are removed, and be careful because removing them might remove 69.0.3686.77 as well.

This usually means that you have older version still installed with the latest one!
Make sure that you don't actually still have v77.0.1 installed

They all are up to date now.

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