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SQL query to only return PMP updates

Started by brandonm, August 27, 2020, 07:49:57 AM

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Hi. We have just purchased Patch My PC and I am in the process of getting it setup. I have custom SSRS reports for displaying data on "needed" and "failed" updates for our computers. I am building a report just for third-party updates and looking for a simple way to query for just Patch My PC updates. I am using the dbo.v_UpdateInfo view to pull in a list of update names. I thought to use the ArticleID column, WHERE ArticleID LIKE 'PMP%' but I have noticed PMP updates do not always being with PMP. There is no Vendor column, nor do I see any type of vendor uid in this view. SCCM console can filter on Vendor, so it is obviously possible. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks.

Cody Mathis (Patch My PC)


You are welcome to install the SSRS reports that we provide and look at the existing queries to see how we do this filtering.

I believe there is a particular column that contains a URL. We use this column to filter out the Microsoft updates.



Thanks Cody. I got the SSRS reports installed and found what you are referring to in the "Sub -Third-Party Updates By Device" report. It is the column InfoURL in the dbo.v_UpdateInfo view. Microsoft updates look to always have that populated with a URL, where third-party updates have a blank value (not null). That should work fine, though I can see that non-Patch My PC third-party updates may come back with that query (HP and Dell updates), but that is a very limited scope in our environment as we don't typically deploy those.