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Suggestions for Version 5.0...

Started by Aitch, February 22, 2018, 07:51:57 AM

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Yup, been busy with Paint again lol!  ;D

How about trying the following:

1) Tidy up the left column
a - remove the version numbers and x86/x64
b - if the OS is 64-bit then don't show the 32-bit version of an app if the 64-bit exists
c - use only one word for the category titles
d - put MS Visual in the Runtimes category
e - add option in right-click menu to let an app be hidden - for Firefox ESR etc

2) Organise the right column
a - make a grid with Application/Developer/Bit/Version/Updated columns
b - add right-click option on title-bar to let some columns be hidden - whatever people prefer
c - add right-click option on apps to let them be hidden from list - mainly for MS Visual etc

3) Merge the Scheduler in to Options
- also rework Scheduler so it uses drop-down menus

4) Overall, tighten up the layout so it's more compact and svelte!

Glad you brought back the website in the latest update - with a cool icon too!

I'm sure that by the end of this year, you'll have the PMPU features/functionality pretty much perfected - and have over 400 apps covered!

So what will y'all do in 2019?

Continue to add more apps (even the not so popular ones!) = higher the number, the more impressive and popular PMPU will become!

Also, even though y'all don't want to lol...

Version 6.0 = Include fully featured System Info... like Speccy

Version 7.0 = Include fully featured Uninstaller... like Revo

Trust me guys - your user base will expand to every PC on Earth!... and you'll become the next multi-bajillion dollar acquisition by Microsoft !!  8)


Yet another mind-blowing idea lol! ;D

Make the left hand column able to expand and collapse - because once you've ticked all the apps you want downloaded/updated, it's not really required anymore... and just sits there ruining the view!

Also, move the buttons to the bottom so everything is nicely symmetrical - and looks awesometacular! :) 

Kinda like this:


Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)


Is that a Thanks but No Thanks Justin ?! :P

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Hard to say what design change we may do in the next version at this point.


Yes - but surely you have a road-map of how you want the app to develop?

Plus, it's not that much hard work dude lol!