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I also strongly dislike this change introduced in version and I've created another thread on the Report Bugs and Issues forum on this subject.

The other notable change that's occurred in version is the removal of numerous applications from the list of software (the full list can be found here), some of which don't make sense as I don't believe they have been "discontinued" nor has anything changed with their installers to make them "incompatible".
I just tested this with version and couldn't reproduce the behaviour you're describing.

When the setting "Disable Patch My PC Log File" under "Logging Options" is checked, I don't get any log file being generated in the same directory/path as the PatchMyPC executable (the default log file output path).

If I uncheck that setting and then change the log file path to another local path, it's generated in that directory.

This is on a Windows 11 system.

I've noticed that when updating a few PatchMyPC agents from v4.2.0.5 to v4.5.0.0, the application categories that used to be visible in the software list (such as Plugins & Runtimes, Browsers, Multimedia, etc) are now gone and have been replaced with just two categories, "Main Software" and "Portable Software".

This makes it much harder to scroll through the list and find applications easily, as you have one long alphabetically-sorted list now as opposed to separate categories that could be collapsed/expanded to only show the software relevant to you.

Here is a screenshot of the application categories as they used to appear in v4.2.0.5 and previous versions.

Secondly, as per the official changelog/release notes, a number of various applications/software that were previously available in v4.2.0.5 are no longer available in v4.5.0.0 with the reason given being that they're discontinued or incompatible.

I'd question the validity of that assertion for things like the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributables, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8, Cute PDF Writer, Remote Desktop Connection Manager, Kaspersky Free, Core Temp and few others on the list, which are neither discontinued nor have their installers changed in any significant way since the releases/version numbers of those applications that were available through PatchMyPC v4.2.0.5

Can we get a more thorough explanation as to why the application categories were removed and why certain software has also been removed?