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"Don't auto update these apps" settings gets forgotten

Started by olavrb, March 17, 2017, 01:12:13 PM

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If you start Patch My PC Updater Free v3.0.5.0 and check an app that you would not want it to update (Google Chrome for me), the settings is not saved the next time you start the program. Isn't this the whole point with this setting?

I'd like it to remember not to update google chrome when i pass the /auto switch. Is it not actually supposed to remember this setting?
I even tried running the program as administrator, just to check if it was an permission issue. Did not change a thing.

- Olav

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)


This would be a bug. Can you select Chrome and then select an additional application to not update then uncheck the additional application and see if Chrome is saved on the next program restart?

We will fix this in the next update.



Tried it, that worked.
Checked Chrome and Drive. Closed PMP. Unchecked Drive. Closed PMP. Chrome is still checked.

Omar (Patch My PC)