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Question: How to change the default installation location

Started by belabeier, May 02, 2024, 05:16:56 AM

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Hello Everybody!

A maybe stupid question, but:  I want to change the default Folder for software installs -
I have a secondary drive, named "D" - all software is there (Multiple drives in the PC, because .... DIY.  Can I get PMP to install there as well, if I put in something new to the "Apps" list?

Aside: I know, that with the Registry Editor, you can train Windows to generally use that location, but that breaks some installs - especially MS Office (Grrrrrr), Browsers (Arrrrrgh!) and certain hardware-tools, like Davinci Resolve (Hooooowl).  But all the tools wihthin PMP should be fine - if I can get them to remember where they should go...

Hope anyone knows what I'm meaning,
and can tell me where the button is.
Otherwise: Have a nice day,
and greetings from Munich,