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Question: How to change the default installation location

Started by belabeier, May 02, 2024, 05:16:56 AM

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Hello Everybody!

A maybe stupid question, but:  I want to change the default Folder for software installs -
I have a secondary drive, named "D" - all software is there (Multiple drives in the PC, because .... DIY.  Can I get PMP to install there as well, if I put in something new to the "Apps" list?

Aside: I know, that with the Registry Editor, you can train Windows to generally use that location, but that breaks some installs - especially MS Office (Grrrrrr), Browsers (Arrrrrgh!) and certain hardware-tools, like Davinci Resolve (Hooooowl).  But all the tools wihthin PMP should be fine - if I can get them to remember where they should go...

Hope anyone knows what I'm meaning,
and can tell me where the button is.
Otherwise: Have a nice day,
and greetings from Munich,


To set a custom installation folder in Patch My PC:

  • Open Patch My PC Home Updater.
  • Navigate to the "Apps" list.
  • Select the software you want to install or update.
  • Look for an option or setting that allows you to specify the installation directory.
  • Typically, you'll find this option either during the initial setup or in the software's settings/preferences within Patch My PC.
By configuring the installation directory for each application within Patch My PC, you can ensure they install directly to your secondary drive without altering global Windows settings that may affect other applications like MS Office or browsers.


Hi Merlinator!
ah, I have to set it during the individual intallation,
without the silent version then
- that helps , thank you for the information!