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PMPC tried to download old Winamp over 5.8 beta

Started by dragontology, August 25, 2019, 04:27:49 AM

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I heard there was a leaked Winamp, and then I heard that the Winamp team released the leak with some fixes. So I installed it. Now PatchMyPC wants to downgrade me from the 5.8 beta to the 5.666 release.

I'm sure the behaviour is expected in one context, but it should at least see that it's a version behind and not try to downgrade the user (or maybe ask).

Omar (Patch My PC)

I know :( The problem is latest stable version is registered as 5.666 and this latest beta is just 5.8 !! So 5.666 > 5.8 ! They should have gave it number 5.800 at least !
Since we can't do anything about this numbers confusion and since we don't add any beta builds in Patch My PC, Then for now you should just Disable Scanning for Winamp until they release a final build of 5.8 or newer then we will update it in Patch My PC. (Personally I'm disabling it on my PC!)
BTW This 5.8 Beta is official not leaked. And it's in the main official page http://www.winamp.com/


Could Winamp receive special treatment?
As there's a massive possibility that there might not be any future releases... so it might stay at 5.8 forever...

So could the No Betas rule be waived here.
Perhaps put an asterisked note against it, indicating that it is the beta build as it's 'exceptional/Special'.

5.666 simply can't finish scanning my music folders as the paths go a bit too long...  5.8 just works.
I can't remember what the other fixes were in this beta, but they are letting us continue using it on W10.


Omar (Patch My PC)

We will probably just update it in Patch My PC to v5.8 since this might be the case + it's very stable already.