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Snooze vs. Defer

Started by ajn142attamu, March 25, 2024, 10:45:28 AM

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Howdy! We're reviewing our current configuration and wanted to clarify, are Snooze and Defer the same thing, just named differently between the user-facing and admin-facing UI?

Specifically, the prompts such as the one below do not have a defer button.

And the admin interface contains no settings referencing Snooze.

This is causing some confusion, as we have users referring to Snooze when discussing patching behavior with IT leadership, while we are referring to deferral behavior, and it is unclear to all involved whether we are talking about the same thing.

Hugo Marinho (Patch My PC)

Hi there ajn,

The "Snooze Update" button is the "Defer" button, apologies for the confusing docs.
To configure that, you need to select the 4th option from the top "Notify the user to close the application" and the bottom options become available to be edited.

Hope to have helped, have a great day!