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could I ask you to double check detection for "Update for Microsoft Edge", it looks like after recent change to  "Microsoft Edge for Business"(https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/deployedge/microsoft-edge-for-business) Microsoft did a change to registry entries.
Those which are being checked by you in your detection method are gone so the update is NOT applicable.

I have tried to run the latest "base" application version (which we have published as available) and it has updated the Edge just fine to the latest version.


Hey PMP Team,

We are having an issue to properly configure additional parameters for 'Mindmanger 22' application.

The exe installer contains MSI inside, The hardcoded arguments by you are "/clone_wait /S /v/qn" so after adding additional public properties for MSI installation (using right click option in the publisher) command looks like this:

MindManager_64bit_22.2.366_redist.exe /clone_wait /S /v/qn LICENSEKEY=XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX USERNAME=USER /l*v c:\logs\failed_installation_from_PMP.log
This won't do anything, exe installer won't even unpack the MSI as it has an issue with the syntax. In the scriptrunner log there is an error 1203.

I have tried to install it silently on my own using same installer and your arguments and imho command syntax needs to be adjusted, something like below is doing the job ok:

MindManager_64bit_22.2.366_redist.exe /clone_wait /S /v"/qn LICENSEKEY=XXXX-XXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX USERNAME=USER /l*v c:\logs\succesfull_install_from_pmp.log"
/v - is telling the exe that next quoted string are the properties/args for MSI

I know that there is an MSI available without the the exe file which could be used but is not present in the publisher maybe it is worth considering it

Grzegorz Mazur


could you tell me if 'VMware Remote Console' latest version will be supported ?

I have noticed that you are hosting this update yourself that's why I am asking.

latest release:


we noticed that 'Git' software is not properly detected if custom installation directory is defined.
You can adjust it by adding additional argument in the command line "DIR='custompath'".

Detection method in the publisher has hardcoded path which is being checked.

QuoteComparison="GreaterThanOrEqualTo" Data="" />
    <bar:RegSz Key="HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE" Subkey="SOFTWARE\GitForWindows" Value="LibexecPath" Comparison="EqualTo" Data="C:\Program Files\Git\mingw64\libexec\git-core" />

What do you say about adjusting detection method to check InstallPath value from the registry instead?

what do you guys say about adjusting the title of 'Vmware Tools' package in the publisher so it could be shown on the compliance reports more precisely?

Right now the shorter build number is being shown (see att. pic), we would prefer to see on the reports full build number as it is presented on vmware site. (https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Tools/12.1/rn/VMware-Tools-1210-Release-Notes.html)

What do you think?


Anything changed recently regarding 'Cisco Jabber 14'? The download for the updates started failing for us with the error info that 'msi manual download' in now required.

https://patchmypc.com/local-content-repository-for-licensed-applications-that-require-manual-download - we have checked your KB and Jabber is not listed there, at least not yet.

Hey PMP Team,

we are wondering is there is by any chance possibility to modify (hard coded) installation command line?
What we would like to achieve is to force reboot on the servers after installing "VMware Tools" update. As of now this updated has hard-coded MSI public property - "REBOOT=ReallySuppress"  which is passed to MSI by EXE.
We could make a pre-script to differentiate if machine is a server or workstation and based on it use prepared MST file with the property adjusted as needed but... If a parameter is specified both on the command line and in a response file, the setting on the command line takes precedence.

It would be awesome in general if the delivered hard-coded command line for silent installations would be editable everywhere.
(We would like to disable the 'MaintenanceService' for Firefox installation as well and the -ms switch is hard-coded there also)

Looking forward hearing form you.