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Do Intune win32 App updates check for currently running applications?

Started by mdigrego, April 10, 2024, 08:29:09 AM

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Are there any checks in place that prevent an app update for a PMPC supported app coming from Intune from quitting the app that it is attempting to update if there are any running occurrences of it on the machine?

For example, if I have the Update for Zoom assigned to a group of devices, and the device attempts to install the "app" while a user is currently in a Zoom meeting, will the update quit their running instance of Zoom, or will it just fail and then add a GRS entry in the registry to retry at a later time?

Hugo Marinho (Patch My PC)

Hi there,

Yes there are, we call it MCP, short for Manage Conflicting Processes, you can choose what should happen if the user is using the software when it needs to update, you can either skip the update, force it to close or simply show a toast notification for the user where he can choose if he wants to close now and update or just snooze the update to retry later.

See more info on this feature by clicking on this link here

Hope to have helped, have a great day!



Thanks for your reply! I had completely forgotten this feature since it is disabled by default. Is there a "global" default setting that can be applied to all updates? I.e. if I wanted all updates to default to "notify user to close application" is that possible, or would I have to do it on an app by app basis?


Never mind, I found where I can apply it by using the right click options for "All Products" at the top of the list rather than clicking on an individual app. Thanks for your help!