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Firefox Update

Started by Aleksander, September 28, 2022, 06:52:58 AM

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From one of our employee:
"With Windows or other programs the distribution may not cause problems, however Firefox is my mainly used browser. With every forced update so far, it no longer works and has to be restarted during my work. Otherwise nothing works anymore, no loading of new pages, no old pages refreshing, nothing. This is absolutely not practicable. I think it's not without reason why the native updates only works after a restart, I don't understand why you've to make the process like that.
Since not only I, but also some other colleagues use Firefox heavily, it would be advisable to urgently adapt the update process in Firefox. Maybe it would be possible to roll out the updates at night."

Spencer (Patch My PC)


Thank you for your Inquiry! This is very unfortunate, however we haven't received other reports of any issues regarding Firefox thus far.

In order to help mitigate these issues you're having, I can recommend the following:

Enabled the Right Click Option on Firefox for Conflicting Processes: https://patchmypc.com/manage-conflicting-processes-when-updating-third-party-applications

That will allow you to configure a Notification which will be displayed to the end users if they have Firefox running during the update.

Alternatively, you can change the deployment schedule for that update so that it's deployed outside of working hours or during maintenance hours.

I will continue to test this and will follow up with any more information!