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Started by JohnHipperson, April 26, 2018, 05:03:27 AM

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This isn't directly related to the catalog so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I'm trying to ascertain if the SCUP log can be redirected / moved to a generic location. By default the log is created in AppData under the current user's profile. I have moved the SCUP back-end DB with no problems but would like to have a generic log too in order to ingest into our SIEM tool (LogRhythm).

We're running SCUP on Server 2012 R2

Thanks in advance!

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

I'm not sure. I know it's not available in the UI of SCUP. Let me reach out to some people.

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Just got some feedback. It doesn't look like it's possible to change the log path.


No worries, thanks for trying Justin