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Dell Command Update - help

Started by Aleksander, April 21, 2022, 02:58:24 AM

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What the Dell Command Update configuration should look like. Im distributing  Dell Command Update to all PC, but i want to enable trigger that will update PC constantly.

Antony (Patch My PC)

Hi Aleksander,

Could you provide some more clarity around this please?

What do you mean by the configuration? Also which platform are you deploying this from (SCCM or Intune).




Im deploying via Intune.
I own a small number of Dell computers, but I'm not sure if the default configuration of PatchMyPC causes the computers to automatically install all drivers/firmwares using this program, Dell Command Update - without user interaction.

Antony (Patch My PC)

Unfortunately not, we do not directly install any driver updates, we will allow you to deploy this app to your end user devices and from there they would need to install the driver updates from the app.