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App updates stuck in 'Installing...' status in Intune Company Portal app

Started by JJS, December 19, 2023, 08:04:34 AM

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Hi all- wondering if anyone else has seen this? I haven't checked any other laptops yet. But on my own laptop, in the Company Portal App > Downloads & updates tab, there are 3 updates, distributed via Patch My PC, that are stuck in 'Installing...' status.

They have been in that status for at least a few days now, even after several reboots.

The updates are:
- Update for 1Password 8.10.22 (MSI-x64)
- Update for Adobe Acrobat DC Continuous Update 23.008.20421 (x64)
- Update for TeamViewer 15.48.5 (EXE-x64)

In Windows Settings > Apps, I confirmed my currently installed versions are all out of date compared to the versions listed above.

Anyone experienced this before and know of a fix? Or a way to troubleshoot? thanks in advance

Raunak Desai (Patch My PC)

Hey JJS,

Thank you for reaching out to us.

Can you please confirm if we are talking about the company portal app or Software center.

Because, you cannot see an update entry in the company portal app. The entry you see is for the latest version of the app itself.

I would recommend you to raise a case with us so that we can check this thoroughly. https://patchmypc.com/technical-support



Hi, to clarify I was referencing the Company Portal app on Windows, which links to Intune.
I do see the updtes in the 'Downloads & updates' tab of Company Portal.

But for this specific issue it seems to have resolved itself anyway, so it must have just been temporary issue. I see a new update pending now, but for a different app (it says 'Update for 1Password 8.10.23 (MSI-x64)').


Is this also true for Regular Windows Updates patches? We are also considering migrating to Company Portal, but the visibility of Windows Updates and patches visible in the Software Center is not available in Company Portal.

This means that you cannot totally replace Software Center with Company Portal for Windows Patches and Operating System Update/Install deployment visibility?

Raunak Desai (Patch My PC)

Hey Bernard,

Yes, it's true for regular Windows Update Patches as well. You cannot see it in the company portal.

Company portal is just for the application. You cannot replace software center totally.