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OBS Studio - wrong version detected

Started by BillD, September 06, 2022, 10:03:48 AM

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I already have OBS Studio 28.0.1 installed.

Patch My PC is detecting 27.2.4
So every day, it downloads 28.0.1 (which is over 100MB) and attempts to install it.
When it finishes, it says "Install Complete Exit Code 6"

Please take a look, thanks

Omar (Patch My PC)

OBS Studio requires a lot of software to be closed before updating! Some of the software are:

Github Desktop
Google Drive
Jabra Direct
Logi Tune
Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge WebView2 Runtime

Try closing all/any of these software if you have them, if it still didn't work then please run this update manually and it will tell you which software exactly that is preventing the update on your system until it's closed.


Hi Omar,

Thanks, that worked.
More details below in case anybody else has a similar issue.

At some point, an update ran that took OBS from 27.2.4 to 28.0.1.
According to OBS itself, it was running 28.0.1, and seemed to be working fine.
But Windows Control Panel (and Patch My PC) still thought it was 27.2.4
So PMP kept trying to update it, giving "Install Complete Exit Code 6".

I manually uninstalled then reinstalled OBS.
Got a message that files were being used by Crashplan.
After shutting that down the installer ran clean.
Now Control Panel and Patch My PC both report v28.0.1 installed.

- Bill

Omar (Patch My PC)

Hey Bill, thanks for all the info! Glad it's working fine for you now :) 
Can I ask you what's exactly the process name (exe) of Crashplan from "details panel" in Task Manager?


There's a service in the background: Code42Service.exe

Plus multiple occurrences of this process: Code42Desktop.exe

Omar (Patch My PC)