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Malwarebytes Privacy VPN not recognized correctly

Started by SteveL, June 03, 2022, 11:39:10 PM

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I recently acquired Malwarebytes Privacy VPN v. and have the most recent version. I continually shows up red on the list of apps needing update.
But it is not out of date.  Also, the uninstaller lists the regedit location and version correctly. Yet, the program does not show in the list of Security apps (Malwarebytes 4.5.9 does (I own that) and also Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit shows (I don't own that).  But Malwarebytes Privacy does not show up in the list.  I does not allow for checking it for updates.  I continually shows in 'red' indicating it needs an update - which it does not. See JPG. So...it should be ignored altogether as an app you don't yet support, I think.

Omar (Patch My PC)

Thank you for reporting this, it will be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC :)