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Started by wdarden, May 28, 2022, 12:56:16 PM

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SumatraPDF appears not to be correct updating.

Kindest regards, BiLL.....


Same here.
The app installs correctly but PatchMyPC does not display the entry in green or keep Sumatra checkbox checked...

2022-06-02 13:24:48 - OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64

2022-06-02 13:24:48 - 1 App(s) to install or update...
2022-06-02 13:24:48 - Download URL: https://files.sumatrapdfreader.org/file/kjk-files/software/sumatrapdf/rel/3.4.3/SumatraPDF-3.4.3-64-install.exe
2022-06-02 13:24:48 - Download Path: D:\Michel\Downloads\Patches\SumatraPDF 3.4.3 (x64).exe
2022-06-02 13:24:48 - Download size: 7.12 MB
2022-06-02 13:24:48 - Download Starting for: https://files.sumatrapdfreader.org/file/kjk-files/software/sumatrapdf/rel/3.4.3/SumatraPDF-3.4.3-64-install.exe
2022-06-02 13:24:48 - Downloading SumatraPDF 3.4.3 (x64) (7.12 MB)
2022-06-02 13:24:51 - Total download time in seconds: 3.62
2022-06-02 13:24:51 - Install Command: -install /S
2022-06-02 13:24:51 - SumatraPDF 3.4.3 (x64) Downloaded Successfully
2022-06-02 13:24:51 - Silently install SumatraPDF 3.4.3 (x64)
2022-06-02 13:24:52 - Install Successful for SumatraPDF 3.4.3 (x64)
2022-06-02 13:24:52 - Deleted Shortcut: C:\Users\Michel\Desktop\SumatraPDF.lnk

2022-06-02 13:24:52 -  SumatraPDF 3.4.3 (x64) not found

2022-06-02 13:24:53 -
Patch My PC Update Complete 2022-06-02 13:24:53


Java 8 Update 333 and Java 8 Update 333 x64 appear to be doing the same thing. I just download the latest versions from their respective Websites and just temporarily turn off the two programs plus SumatraPDF in PatchMyPC until the issues are resolved. I have been using PatchMyPC to update my PCs daily over the last couple of years and this is the first minor problem I have experienced with it. The developers did a Great job! BiLL.....

Omar (Patch My PC)

This means there are 2 or more updates installed in the same time, you have to uninstall the older ones and only leave the latest.
The same for Java 8 or any other product.


Hello !
Unfortunately, I have only one instance of Sumatra installed.
I uninstalled Sumatra and restarted PatchMyPC with same result.
Can you tell how PatchMyPC detects installed apps ?
Thanks !


I have the same issue with SumatraPDF. I uninstalled all of it versions and I used PMP to install it again. It gets installed but PMP doesn't still detect it.

Omar (Patch My PC)

Hey everyone,
Looks like the developers have changed the registry path of Sumatra from LOCAL_MACHINE to LOCAL_USER ! That's why this is happening now.. So this will be fixed in the next update of Patch My PC.


ik ben nieuw bij PatchMyPC  8), mij viel op dat in mijn gescanned apps staat dat SumatraPDF 3.3.3 in het rood de nieuwste versie is. ???

Dit is inmiddels 3.4.46 volgens mijn informatie zie https://www.sumatrapdfreader.org/download-free-pdf-viewer


Zojuist Sumatra PDF verwijderd en op nieuw geinstalleerd, probleem opgelost  :) :)