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Quote from: guruuno on January 15, 2018, 12:40:31 PM
Let me try to clarify/paint the picture.
I support you, remotely, your family members, in California, Texas, Florida, NJ, Michigan, all over the world, remotely, all individually owners of machines.  Some are small businesses with a Workgroup, a few with AD on a domain, most independent users.  I wish to achieve the ability to patch, via a central management process, much like LogMeIn does with their Central product.

Did you find an alternate solution?  I have a business very similar to yours.  I left LMI Central, switched to Splashtop (due to cost) which has no remote push function or any patch managment.  Currently, I use PMPC on each remote machine, configure it manually to install a number of applications, and then schedule it to update daily.  I'm also looking for a way to centrally manage which apps get installed/updated/uninstalled.  Perfect example is CCleaner, after a recent update, comes preset to monitor in real-time even though I have the previous version installed with monitoring disabled.  Meaning, after that update, I am faced with having to remote into many machines to remove CCleaner in favor of the portable app version that does not stay resident.  If there were a way to centrally manage and monitor application installs with PMPC or another you've found, I'd love to see it.
Some additional feedback for your troubleshooting efforts -

Two more systems experiencing download failures or retries - one runs Win7 Pro 64, and the one below Win10 Pro. 

With the below system, I ran PMPCU three times to download WhoCrashed 6.01, but the result was the same each time - Download Attempt 1 Failed, Download Attempt 2 Failed.

Creating a system restore point please wait

Patch My PC | Definitions: 02-Feb-2018 | 2/2/2018 7:50:38 PM
Operating System  Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64

Downloading WhoCrashed (8.82 MB)
Download Attempt 1 Failed
Waiting 5 seconds to retry
Downloading WhoCrashed (8.82 MB) attempt 2
Download Attempt 2 Failed

Patch My PC Update Complete 2/2/2018 7:51:01 PM
Yes, I believe I've sufficiently ruled out possible firewall issues.

The first machine I mentioned with windows 7 pro 64, was a fresh install with no 3rd party software installed prior to using PMPCU with no modifications to the windows default firewall rules.  Makes no difference with the windows firewall disabled either.
Yes, I checked available space on each computer.

As of this writing, I'm connected to third machine running Win10 Pro 64 that is failing to download Adobe Flash Plugin. 

Earlier today on a fourth system running Win7 Pro 64, downloading of 7zip failed both times, and would not proceed further.  Retried by launching PMPCU as administrator, but results were the same.  Mozilla Firefox download attempt 1 failed, but did download on the 2nd attempt.

In short, this affects:
Adobe Flash Plugin
Mozilla Firefox

Four different machines running Win7 or 10, on four different networks, and two different ISP's (Comcast and Frontier FIOS).

Download speeds seem affected as well.  Even running over the fastest FIOS and Comcast connections available (not using wireless), a 23.92MB OneDrive update from Microsoft (who has virtually unlimited bandwidth), took something like 3-5 mins before failing attempt 1, with 2nd attempt download finishing in about 45 secs.

It tried multiple times over three day period, but result was the same.  Not the first time I've seen this particular download fail on other systems as well.  System in question as previously mentioned was fully patched, had no 3rd party antivirus or firewall installed.

A different system on the same network received the following error for
Adwcleaner v7.0.4.0:

Creating a system restore point please wait

Patch My PC | Definitions: 24-Jan-2018 | 1/24/2018 7:22:04 PM
Operating System  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  x64

Using Custom Download Path: C:\Program Installs
Failed To verify file Size from URL

A second attempt produced this message:

Creating a system restore point please wait

Patch My PC | Definitions: 24-Jan-2018 | 1/24/2018 7:26:08 PM
Operating System  Microsoft Windows 7 Professional  x64

Using Custom Download Path: C:\Program Installs
Downloading AdwCleaner (7.83 MB)
Download Failed

Patch My PC Update Complete 1/24/2018 7:26:19 PM
Fully patched windows 7 home 64 bit.  Updater v3.4.0.0
File name for speedyfox downloads as:

and must be renamed to speedyfox.exe manually.
I have noticed that when this error message appears and I click 'quit', patchmypc.exe remains running in the background, but no cpu usage.  The file size in memory appears to shrink slowly if I watch it in Task Manager.

If I kill the process, and then open Task Scheduler to re-run the task manually, I get the same error message.

The text file in C:\ is not open by me, and I do not see Notepad or Word running in the background indicating that the file is open.
I install PatchMyPC downloader on every customer system I maintain, and always set the same options. "create restore points...', 'delete desktop shortcuts...', and 'kill applications automatically'.

I get this error message each time the Scheduled Task runs.

Currently, I have this error popping up on a fresh, fully updated, Windows 7 install, as well as multiple customer systems (mixture of Windows 7,8, and 10).  I have not figured out the cause, and have not found a solution in the forum.

Do you have any suggestions or advice?

Thank you for a truly wonderful, hugely time-saving project.