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Git 2.43 (x86) installing successfully?

Started by pps, December 05, 2023, 06:29:25 AM

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Log entry in the right pane:
Downloading: Git 2.43 (x86) (58.05 MB)
Git 2.43 (x86) Downloaded Successfully
--> git throws installer popup message:
    Git 2.43.0 Setup
    Runtime error (at 327:785):
    Cannot create file "C:\Program Files\Git\dev\fd". Access is denied.
--> acknowledging the error message, clicking "OK"
--> Log entry:
Install Successful for Git 2.43 (x86)
Git 2.43 (x86) doesn't create a desktop shortcut skipping

In fact, there are four System files in C:\Program Files\Git\dev : fd, stderr, stdin, stdout
Write permission for the files are only granted to SYSTEM and to the Administrators group, but not to ALL APPLICATION PACKAGES and not to ALL RESTRICTED APPLICATION PACKAGES.

It is irritating that PatchMyPC concludes "Install Successful for Git 2.43 (x86)". The existing system files will probably be just OK as they were created at an earlier version installation. But what else may have gone wrong or skipped after the error message popup and not noticed by PatchMyPC?

PatchMyPC updater
Microsoft Windows 10 Home 64-Bit
Definitions: 05-December-2023

Omar (Patch My PC)

Please try again now.
Also notice that the devs strongly recommends that you use the 64-Bit edition because the 32-bit edition will be discontinued soon.