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Zoom Meetings update does not install

Started by Iraklis, February 23, 2024, 05:47:43 AM

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Hello everyone,

As we activated the update of Zoom Meetings last week on our PatchMyPC system, it can't be installed at the clients. The update appears in Intune to be Not Apllicable, see attached. How can this happen?

Only ecxeption is the update version of Zoom Meetings (User-x64) which has been installed on some computers.

What can explain this behaviour and how can we allow the updates to be installed?

Kyle (Patch My PC)

Hello there,

For an issue such as this can you please submit a support case via the following link, and provide the following files from an impacted endpoint where the content is listed as not required:


When troubleshooting Intune application installation errors on a client, we will need multiple client logs. Please include the following logs:

This may be found in the %ProgramData%\PatchMyPC\ if the Install was initiated by the user from Company Portal.






Note: Some Patch My PC log files listed above may be found in %WinDir%\CCM folder if that folder exists.

In general, 'Intune Update' content has additional requirement scripting included to check for its applicability on the targeted endpoint(s) before it is installed.



I've got the same issue but along with Intune it's also affecting our ConfigMgr side too. I've found that old updates aren't uninstalling automatically. A second issue presented in both systems is that users will be able to manually install the latest version Zoom from the Software Centre or Company Portal but after 24-48 hours it ill automatically uninstall.

Manually uninstalling previous updates allowed the latest versions to become available to install however these devices are still affected by the second issue above.

I'm just wondering if the OPs issue was resolved with a known fix or if the second issue we're having is a known issue related to the first before raising a ticket.

Kyle (Patch My PC)


I would recommend submitting your support case directly, as these issues appear different in scope.


I am having an issue, can I ask the doubt here?

Kyle (Patch My PC)

Quote from: VivaSkiles on March 05, 2024, 05:08:04 AMI am having an issue, can I ask the doubt here?

You're more than welcome to reach out for help through any of our support contact methods. I would recommend starting a new thread unique to your situation/issue or reaching out by creating a support case if possible.