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Third-Party Software Update Catalog Release History – June 2022

In June 2022, our third-party software update catalog for Microsoft SCCM contained 358 bug, feature, and security-related updates. Below you will find a full list of relevant updates and new products for June 2022.

  • 358 Total Updates (x64/x86)

  • 117 Security Updates (x64/x86)

  • 89 of the 117 security include CVE-IDs

  • 23 New Products

New Products:

    Updates Added:

    (Oldest to Newest)

    • Foxit PhantomPDF
      • Release Notes for Foxit PhantomPDF
      • Release Type: 
      • CVE-IDs:
        CVE-2022-25641; CVE-2022-30557; CVE-2022-28670; CVE-2022-28669;
        CVE-2022-28671; CVE-2022-28672; CVE-2022-28673; CVE-2022-28675;
        CVE-2022-28676; CVE-2022-28674; CVE-2022-28678; CVE-2022-28680;
        CVE-2022-28679; CVE-2022-28677; CVE-2022-28681; CVE-2022-28683;

      • VirusTotal Latest Scan Results | Scan Detection Ratio N/A
    • Foxit PDF Editor (MSI)
    • Foxit PDF Editor (MSI-ML)



      Update Type:

      • Feature Release 
      • Bug Fix Release = 
      • Security Release 

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