Automate Third-Party Patching in Microsoft ConfigMgr and Intune

Address vulnerabilities in outdated third-party applications and automatically package applications for initial deployment


Over 16 million people worldwide use Patch My PC


Over 16 million people worldwide use Patch My PC

Hackers Target Vulnerabilities in Outdated Applications

Is Outdated Third-Party Software Leaving Your Company Vulnerable?

Did you know outdated third-party application vulnerabilities can be an avenue for compromise and ransomware?

The United States Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency recommends applying patches to protect against supply chain attacks and compromises, including in third-party software.

In 2022, Patch My PC released 5,389 third-party updates that included security 1,658 security updates which resolved 1,414 CVEs.

Automate Application Packaging in ConfigMgr and Intune

Automate Application Packaging for ConfigMgr/Intune Base-Installations

Patch My PC also automatically packages over 600 products you can use for the initial deployment of apps in ConfigMgr and Intune.

Ensure you always deploy the latest and most secure version of third-party applications and save time using existing deployment features such as collections deployments and task sequences.

Software Center with Application Catalog Small

Improve Compliance by Identifying and Remediating Vulnerabilities

With our Power Bi and SSRS dashboards, you will be able to scan, identify, triage, and mitigate discovered vulnerabilities. Reporting and remediation are critical in requirements set forth by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

Save Time by Not Packaging Third-Party Applications and Updates

Automate the Tedious Task of Application Management

In 2020, our average customer published 1,329 updates and applications, which would result in 5,980 hours of time savings based on a 4.5-hour packaging, testing, and deployment per application.

Use Existing Configuration Manage or Intune Infrastructure and Agents

Patch My PC doesn’t require additional infrastructure such as SQL Server or client agents.

Since we integrate directly into Microsoft Configuration Manager and Intune, we use your existing technology investments, such as software updates, application management, content distribution, etc.

The Best Support in the Patch Management Industry Based on G2

Part of our company values is to create great experiences for our customers. As a result, we hire the best engineers in the industry to ensure that it will be a great experience if you ever need support.

We offer support via email, live chat, phone, and forum.

Our support team is all in-house and based in the United States, Europe, and Australia. Our company constantly ranks highest of G2 and Garter in support in the Patch Management category.

Best Support for Patch Management G2 Winter 2022

Stay Secure

The National Cyber Security Centre states you should regularly update third-party applications to ensure that the latest security fixes are included.

Application Management

Automatically create application packages that you can use for initial deployment.

Compliance Reporting

Get insights on update compliance with dashboards.

Save Time

Save time and money by reducing manual application packaging.

System Scalability

Patch My PC doesn't require any infrastructure or agents. Instead, we utilize existing ConfigMgr or Intune infrastructure for application and update deployment.

Best Support in the Industry

In-house Support included via email, live chat, phone, and forum included at no extra cost.

Automatically Create Applications in ConfigMgr and Intune

Automatically Create SCCM and Intune Applications

Create SCCM and Intune Applications

Extend beyond patching, auto-create applications for the initial deployment of products in Microsoft SCCM and Intune. Including icons, keywords, description, and much more!

Automatically Update SCCM and Intune Applications

Auto Update Applications

We'll keep the base installs up to date automatically — no need to deploy outdated apps and wait for the updates to apply after the fact.

Task Sequences Image for SCCM

Deploy Using Task Sequences or Collections

Use existing installation methods within SCCM including task sequences and collection deployments for the initial installation of products.

Trusted by Over 6,675 Enterprises on Over 21.1 Million Endpoints

American Express - Patch My PC Customer
Adidas - Patch My PC Customer
NHL - Patch My PC Customer
Toyota - Patch My PC Customer
Mastercard - Patch My PC Customer
General Mills - Patch My PC Customer
Dominos Pizza - Patch My PC Customer
Gartner - Patch My PC Customer
Nasdaq - Patch My PC Customer
NOAA - Patch My PC Customer
Airbus - Patch My PC Customer
FireEye - Patch My PC Customer
Samsung Securities - Patch My PC Customer
Campbell Soup Company - Patch My PC Customer
iHeartMedia - Patch My PC Customer
Phillips 66 - Patch My PC Customer
Pacific Life - Patch My PC Customer
Sunbelt Rentals - Patch My PC Customer
Subway - Patch My PC Customer
Lufthansa - Patch My PC Customer
Penn State - Patch My PC Customer

Since the day we implemented 3rd party app patching through Patch My PC, we have achieved a more controlled but mainly fast way to update our clients. Our previous packaging process always took at least 1-2 weeks before an updated version of an app was available for deployment.

Gerasimos Bartsas - Adidas
Gerasimos Bartsas
Manager Endpoint Security and Compliance

This is one of the most excellent support/product teams I worked with so far! I would say, you guys know very well your product when it comes to troubleshooting.

Patch My PC is an excellent tool to manage third party updates through SCCM. I’m completely satisfied.

Dinesh Tashildar - American Express
Dinesh Tashildar
Lead Technical Architect

I was trialing Patch Connect Plus and having issues. PCP’s support was poor, outsourced, and they did not help me solve my issue. I switched to a Patch My PC trial and was experiencing the same issue. Justin reached out to Microsoft in less than an hour on my behalf and had a resolution.

Alexander Guarino - Harvard Business Publishing
Alexander Guarino
Systems Engineer

This was the easiest product to implement that I have ever used. And working with your company is always a pleasure.

Kurt Levitan - Harvard University
Kurt Levitan
Technical Architect

It’s been awesome and has met our needs perfectly. For ideas, etc. support has been super responsive and made the product worth its weight in gold over other competitors!

Sean Huggins - Patch My PC Review
Sean Huggans
Systems Engineer

I have been using the catalog for a while now, and I must say that I’m impressed by the high quality of the updates and the richness of the catalog.

Kent Agerlund - CTGlobal
Kent Agerlund

The “Base Installations” feature alone was well worth the switch from Ivanti to PMPC. It saves us countless hours every month!

Martin Jäger - Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG
Martin Jäger
System Administrator

Our experience has been great! We used to use SCCM for Adobe and Java updates only, but now we are able to use it for all of our 3rd party software while still using SCCM. It has made our endpoints much more secure in an automatic way.


Wish all vendors were like you guys.

Hudson Advisors Review
Joe Cormane

Everyone I encounter @ PMPC is awesome! Great Team and Great Product!

Ben Whitmore - Borough Council
Ben Whitmore
Technical Architecture Manager

Easily Customize Deployments with Settings that Matter

Customize Application Deployments with Your Own Custom Scripts when Needed

Run Custom Scripts

Add your own custom pre/post update scripts to perform environment-specific configurations when needed.

Disable Applications Self-Updaters when You Want Full Control of the Update Process

Disable Self-Updates for Applications

Disable the self-update feature within applications to ensure you can manage when and how updates apply in your enterprise.

Automatically Close Applications Before the Update Process Starts

Close Apps Automatically

Automatically close application processes before performing updates.

Enable Installation Logging with a Single Click for Easy Troubleshooting

Enable Standard Logging for Installations

Enable installation logging for updates and save the logs to a standard folder. If updates fail, you will know why not just an exit code of 1603.

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