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Patch Tuesday Support Group February Webinar

Webinar Summary

This month Jake Shackelford filled in the security role and covered the month’s latest update releases. Then Bryan Dam spent far too long discussing the news of the month, per usual. Closing the February Patch Tuesday Support Group Webinar: Patch My PC’s very own David Stewart! We heard from David as he shared his knowledge of SCUP and talked about his experience helping build SCUP when he was at Microsoft.

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Webinar Hosts

Bryan Dam

Bryan Dam

Patch My PC
Software Engineer

Jake Shackelford Patch My PC Team Photo

Jake Shackelford

Patch My PC
Infrastructure Engineer

David Stewart

David Stewart

Patch My PC
Engineering Manager

Patch Tuesday Support Group Webinar Recap

Patch Tuesday February News

Microsoft email accounts gets hacked by RussiaMidnight Blizzard: Guidance for responders on nation-state attack | Microsoft Security Blog

HPE hacked by Russia — Hewlett Packard Enterprise tells SEC it was breached by Russia’s ‘Cozy Bear’ hackers (therecord.media)

Mother of all breaches reveals 26 billion records — Mother of All Breaches: ​a Historic Data Leak Reveals 26 Billion Records | Cybernews

Water Hydra targets traders with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen zero-dayCVE-2024-21412: Water Hydra Targets Traders with Microsoft Defender SmartScreen Zero-Day (trendmicro.com)

ConfigMgr 2401 TP released — New software update remediation dashboard, Search the entire console, HTTP-only is deprecated: use EHTTP or HTTPS, The 2403 release will require CMGs be deployed to VM scale net. Technical preview 2401 – Configuration Manager | Microsoft Learn

What’s New Intune — MacOS app size limit increased to 8 GB, 30 GB for Win32 apps, Bulk editing for driver policies, Enterprise Application Management blog, Microsoft Intune Advanced Analytics. What’s new in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn

WUfB DS supports readiness deployments for expediteDevice readiness checks for expedited Windows quality updates | Windows IT Pro blog (microsoft.com)

WMIC is being DeprecatedWMI command line (WMIC) utility deprecation: Next steps | Windows IT Pro blog (microsoft.com)

Exchange Online – High Volume EmailSend High Volume Email in Microsoft 365 (ourcloudnetwork.com)

Updates on WinRE PatchesKB5034441: Windows Recovery Environment update for Windows 10, version 21H2 and 22H2: January 9, 2024 – Microsoft Support and KB5034957: Updating the WinRE partition on deployed devices to address security vulnerabilities in CVE-2024-20666 – Microsoft Support

Microsoft Patches of Note

View the full list of Patch Tuesday release notes at Patch Tuesday Blog Home Page – Patch Tuesday Blog

Updates Released: 133
Critical Severity: 89
Important Severity: 44

Third Party Updates from Patch My PC

Total Number of Updates: 2359
Total Number of CVES:
Critical: 56
Moderate: 1879
Important: 347
N/A: 10

Browser Patch Specifics
Chrome: 18 Patches
FireFox: 10 Patches (EN-US)
Microsoft Edge: 21 Patches
Opera: 14 Patches

Insight into CVEs

Critical CVEs: 5
Important CVEs:
Moderate: 3
N/A: 6

CVE breakdown
31 Remote Code Execution
16 Elevation of Priviledge
10 Sproofing
5 Information Disclosure
3 Security Feature Bypass

Patches of Note

AnyDesk Incident Response 5-2-2024 – This correlated directly with a re-release of their binaries and re-released software with a new signed certificate. AnyDesk Incident Response 5-2-2024

Patch My PC Webinars and AMA's

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Since the day we implemented 3rd party app patching through Patch My PC, we have achieved a more controlled but mainly fast way to update our clients. Our previous packaging process always took at least 1-2 weeks before an updated version of an app was available for deployment.

Gerasimos Bartsas - Adidas
Gerasimos Bartsas
Manager Endpoint Security and Compliance

This is one of the most excellent support/product teams I worked with so far! I would say, you guys know very well your product when it comes to troubleshooting.

Patch My PC is an excellent tool to manage third party updates through SCCM. I’m completely satisfied.

Dinesh Tashildar - American Express
Dinesh Tashildar
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I was trialing Patch Connect Plus and having issues. PCP’s support was poor, outsourced, and they did not help me solve my issue. I switched to a Patch My PC trial and was experiencing the same issue. Justin reached out to Microsoft in less than an hour on my behalf and had a resolution.

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Alexander Guarino
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This was the easiest product to implement that I have ever used. And working with your company is always a pleasure.

Kurt Levitan - Harvard University
Kurt Levitan
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Sean Huggins - Patch My PC Review
Sean Huggans
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Kent Agerlund - CTGlobal
Kent Agerlund

The “Base Installations” feature alone was well worth the switch from Ivanti to PMPC. It saves us countless hours every month!

Martin Jäger - Kremsmüller Industrieanlagenbau KG
Martin Jäger
System Administrator

Our experience has been great! We used to use SCCM for Adobe and Java updates only, but now we are able to use it for all of our 3rd party software while still using SCCM. It has made our endpoints much more secure in an automatic way.


Wish all vendors were like you guys.

Hudson Advisors Review
Joe Cormane

Patch My PC has severely assisted us in managing updates as well as creating apps for deployment. It has saved countless hours and headaches.

John Yoakum - University of Alaska Anchorage
John Yoakum
Software Deployment Engineer