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Logging Options

Patch My PC Publisher Logging Options The Logging Options section of the publisher is where you can access helpful logs to view for more detailed information. The topics covered in this article are below: Collect Logs Open PatchMyPC.log Open wsyncmgr.log Logging Level...

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Manage Dynamic Assignments

Manage Dynamic Assignments In this article, we will cover the Manage Dynamic Assignments feature that allows you to publish application updates to Intune that will dynamically assign to security groups based on pre-defined search criteria. We will discuss how the...

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Preview Channel

Publisher Preview Channel The Publisher Preview Channel provides the opportunity to try out new features before we release them to our Production Channel. The topics covered in this article are below: What to expect General Cadence vs. Production Releases How to...

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Enable WSUS Client Trace Logging

Enable WSUS Client Trace Logging In this article, we will discuss how to enable trace logging for the Windows Update Agent on a Windows device. This can also be considered debug, or verbose logging. With this enabled the WindowsUpdate.log file, and the corresponding...

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