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Downloading Foxit PDF Reader

Started by coover, May 09, 2022, 03:37:15 PM

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Everytime I download Foxit PDF Reader on Patch My PC, the download takes a very long time. I realize that this application is large, about 160 MB, but my internet download speed is over 200 Mbps and at that speed (which I just verified is 234.41 Mbps), it should not take many minutes to download. In fact, I just downloaded the application from the MajorGeeks website and the download took seconds, but the Patch My PC website seems to be taking forever. And this is not unusual. For the last several years, Foxit PDF Reader has downloaded on Patch at speeds approaching that of a turtle.

I realize the problem is not my internet connection, it is quick enough, and the problem, I assume, is not from Patch, as other applications are not this slow ... so the problem must be by the server that Patch downloads the application.

Can something be done to make the changes that must be done to make the Foxit PDF Reader download, to download at a reasonable rate in the future?




I believe the issue is with Foxit itself. IIRC they're based out of Asia. Downloading the MSI files from Foxit directly is very, very slow.


Yes, it's really slow to load. But what then to do?