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Sennheiser HeadSetup
« on: March 21, 2019, 12:34:05 PM »
Installer Requirements:

1) Supports silent installation via command line

2) Install successfully under SYSTEM context

3) Has a public download URL


Required Details for Request:

1) Product and vendor name

Product: HeadSetup™ | Vendor: Sennheiser

2) Public download URL for the latest offline installer. A product whose download is behind a paywall is not supported (appears to be 32bit only)

3) Download URL for an older versions offline installer (If Available)

I can’t find legacy repository but theoretically possible to type in a different HeadSetup version number (#2 url) to get the installer.

4) Silent installation switch with "no restart" switch

Silent install string, no restart:

(directory location of installer)> (installername.exe) /s /v"/qn PDS_FILE=myConfig.dat"


Silent uninstall string, no restart:

(directory location of installer)> (installername.exe) /s /v"/qn PDS_FILE=myConfig.dat" /x


myConfig.dat is gained by saving the default .xml file from HeadSetup Updater as "myConfig.dat" and dropping it into the installer directory.

If you don’t specify myConfig.dat and leave this field blank, the program will load defaults.


Direct Download link for HeadSetup Updater


The Updater allows the end user to check for updates for their software and firmware manually. It doesn’t seem possible to force command line updates, only install.
Some more info on the Updater:

I’m having a hard time understanding how to make HeadSetup Updater work for us.

5) Download page (Their website is currently broken 3/21 but was working 3/20. You can view Google cache for working website page) On their homepage, click the blue text “HeadSetup: v.8.1.6114 (for PC)” to download.

6) Release notes page (Scroll down to HeadSetup™ and release notes options are below)


There’s a lot of information all over their website on how to set up the software in a variety of ways. The method I’ve documented above only installs the base HeadSetup software, and does not take firmware updates into account. This is also a free to play solution, while pay to win solutions appear to be available. I think if I put any more time into looking into this, we’d might as well have a project request put in. Let me know your thoughts and we’ll figure out how to move forward.

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Re: Sennheiser HeadSetup
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2019, 04:53:04 PM »
Sorry to do this to you, but we are moving all our application request from our support forum to a new platform (

We need to make this change due to the amount of customer growth and new application request. It's no longer manageable on the support forum platform. We need to have a voting system to help understand what new application request would benefit the most significant number of customers, and that will be one factor we use to prioritize the application request.

If this request is still a product you need, could you please re-submit the application request at

  • Please only include one product per-each new idea submission as this will help with the up-voting per product.
  • If you could also include the information mentioned at in the idea request that would be great and help expedite the process if the product is accepted.