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Software Request - Accepted / Malwarebytes
« on: April 18, 2013, 01:41:01 PM »
First, let me preface this with: we just got the catalog set up in our SCUP and deployed our first round of updates. I am so happy with the functionality of your product. Thank you very much for putting the time into it!

I'm wondering if there is any chance you'd be able to include Malwarebytes in the SCUP catalog. Our department pays for the licensed version of Malwarebytes (the realtime proactive protection) for all our clients, which does daily updates of the database, except for when the whole program requries an update, in which case the user cannot update the program because it requires admin rights, and then the program sits there and becomes out of date (apparently the database stops updating itself if the executable version becomes too old). So, it would be helpful to be able to receive catalog updates of the executable so I can update all the clients and keep them up to date.

Thank you!

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