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Thank you very much! It helped!


I am using the SCCM console "Publish Third-Party Software Update Content" action to publish Adobe Flash and I am experiencing the exact same outcome as described in this post:

I am also getting the following message in the SMS_ISVUPDATES_SYNCAGENT.log:
No synchronization record for update with id 7cd59a88-5dce-481e-990c-95957458dd68 was found, only updates synchronized by Configuration Manager can have update content published to WSUS by Configuration Manager.

However, I am a bit confused with the explanation in the above post, since I am not using (and have never used) another publishing method than from the SCCM console.

Do you have a suggestion as to how to solve this issue?
I prefer to avoid using the Patch My PC Publishing Service for now and stick with the SCCM console action.

Thank you!

Thank you for your reply.
However, we only used the public trial URL ( What is the best approach in this situation - so that we do not run into coexistance issues (if any) with the full paid Enterprise catalog URL?


I am hoping to get some best practice suggestions for my task at hand.
After a successful POC with the trial catalog using the SCCM publishing, our company decided to subscribe to the Enterprise catalog.

Now, I would like to remove the current Patch My PC Trial Catalog and replace it with the full (paid) catalog. So my question is this: Is there any preferred specific process to follow to do this? Or is it enough to unsubscribe from the trial catalog and delete it? If so, do I also delete the existing SCCM Automatic Deployment Rule based on the trial catalog and create a new one based on the full (paid) catalog - or is the ADR usable with the latter?

Thank you very much for any help/suggestions.

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