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I was surprised when Malwarebytes quarantined this app when I tried to install via PatchMyPC so I checked a few sites (VirusTotal, etc) and well let's just say it's reputation is pretty questionable on those reputable sites.

My question is simply - Is this really something that you want to offer for download and install?   

It gave me pause when flagged and then after reading up on it thought maybe you could consider a "warning" before installing it if nothing else because of potential malware, etc. 

Reading the sandbox behavior report this app it takes great lengths to do things and evade detection of those actions that one would not expect this program to do.

See Sandbox Program Behavior Analysis:

pretty sure you can say this program at a minimum will most likely introduce or attempt to introduce WebToolbar.Babylon

also (referenced in analysis above):

Anyway -

Thanks for an awesome app - just was caught off guard by this little utility.


Fixed Detection Issues / PeaZip Addon Installs Confusing Detection?
« on: May 09, 2018, 11:34:05 AM »
Installed 2 addons for PeaZip and I think it's confusing the detection of updates for PeaZip.

Claims 2 are out of date but then it has no update offered to install.

Thinking this is a bug maybe?

just passing along as an FYI.


yup works now - just tried it - THANKS!

Code: [Select]
4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - Run With /AUTO Switch
4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - OS: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64

4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - 1 App(s) to install or update...
4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - Download URL:
4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - Download size: 0 MB
4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - Download Starting for:
4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - Downloading iTunes (0 MB)
4/23/2018 1:40:06 PM - Download Path: C:\PatchMyPCUpdates\iTunes
4/23/2018 1:40:29 PM - Total download time in seconds: 22.79
4/23/2018 1:40:29 PM - iTunes Downloaded Successfully
4/23/2018 1:40:29 PM - Install Command:
4/23/2018 1:40:29 PM - Installing iTunes Silently
4/23/2018 1:46:16 PM - Install Successful for iTunes

4/23/2018 1:46:16 PM - Deleted file: C:\PatchMyPCUpdates\iTunes
4/23/2018 1:46:19 PM -
Patch My PC Update Complete 4/23/2018 1:46:19 PM


And to save you some time:

Had time to look into this more and when I attempted to run "manually" via the GUI

I found that the installer is likely corrupted and why the install process via /auto /silent install was waiting for user input.

Fixed Detection Issues / iTunesX64Setup_12.7.4.80.exe /silent /auto
« on: April 23, 2018, 12:04:36 AM »
Have set up a scheduled task with /silent /auto and noticed that iTunesX64Setup_12.7.4.80.exe update was just hung doing nothing.
Started at 10:30pm, so decided to see what the process was doing.

Looks like it was waiting for user input (so background silent and auto update doesn't appear to work)

Now I am new to using PatchMyPC with a task set to silent auto so maybe this is known for this installer?

If some installers don't work with /auto /silent should they be skipped or the users prompted?

anyway wanted to pass this along just in case it was useful to address any issues.


Here is log and process info at 10:53pm

Thanks for the feedback. We will be looking to make the monitoring better in future releases.

Awesome and thanks for this App.

I've tried several software updaters, etc - even Chocolatey but yours has worked the best.  You may have limited number of apps, but you have a method to add new ones and your list is over 300 and climbing - very impressed.


I would love to use the scheduled updates feature but only to check and then notify my if any updates are available.

So here how I would like to use the schedule feature.

Task Run: At User Login (with an optional delay)
Notify if Updates are Available.

Be Wonderful if you could send a Toast Notification in Windows 10
Display list of updates available
with options of: (Snooze) (Dismiss) (Open PatchMyPC) (Install Updates)

I know this probably won't happen overnight if at all but appreciate the consideration of something like this as a future feature.


PS I know that Toast Notification are not all that flexible so obviously an app handled notification is fine, just asking for the feature/functionality

Was looking at this that got me thinking about asking for this feature:
BurntToast (but there are many other similar on GitHub etc)

Failed to get download information for Etcher 1.4.1 (x64) Download URL: h

should be https://  not hhttps://

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