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Hi All,  Our weekly ADR for all third-party patching ran over the weekend. In the deployment among other apps was a Node.JS update and it looks to have broken parts of Production. My question here is in regards to roll back. I updated the deployment rule to exclude Node.JS in SUG creation. However the Node.JS update kept re-installing itself after we would revert it. I relaized that the node.JS updates still had membership to the SUGs generated by the ADR. I've edited the membership for all Node.JS updates from PatchMyPC and removed  membership  by right clicking on the software>edit membership>un-checked the SUGS that they were apart of.

Is this sufficient enough to stop the updates from installing again on the systems or is there more that I should be doing to stop the node.js updates from installing again.



First and foremost I want to say thanks to Justin and Wes. I have received great support from both of them last week and they were quick and very knowledgeable.

I am taking over my companies 3rd party patch management as we are moving away from a vendor and handling it in house. My company has purchased PatchMyPC and has mostly set it up.

I've re-ran the publisher tool as I went through the documentation on setting  it up just so I can get the hang of it. I've had the publisher service connect and view our sites database and have selected all applications we are currently using and set up the custom options for each/all applications we are wanting PatchMyPC to update for us. I then ran the publisher sync service.

I've created a device collection within SCCM and have placed 2 PC's in their to test with. Both are running outdated versions of Firefox, and Chrome that were installed manually.

I then created an ADR and point it to the test collection I created earlier. I specific the ADR to pull any and all updates from the Vendor" PatchMyPC" and then tell it there is no deployment package since these updates are stored within WSUS.  (Not sure if these is the right way to do this) and the proceed to finish building out the ADR.

I've made sure that the client settings are configured to allow third party software updates as well as made sure that the SUP is configured to allow 3rd party updates. I have unsubscribed from the PatchMyPC Third Party Software Catalog. I've synchronized the software update catalog, and ran all site actions under the configmgr client as well as cleared the cache and I am still not seeing any of the updates show up in software center.

Any insite as to what I am missing would be greatly appreciated.

HI all, I am taking over a PatchMyPC implementation with our SCCM 1806 environment. Going through the tutorials it looks like it was already configured mostly correct. I am more or less just needing to build out the Device collections, Sugs, and the ADR's. However, one thing the that is stopping me is that even though we are using the publishing service  the updates are showing as meta data only even they the publisher is configured to download meta and full content.

Seeing no errors in the wsyncmgr.log or the patchmypc.log. Additionally 3rd party updates have been enabled on the SUP and the patch my pc product has been enabled.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated it.



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