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We use Patch My PC together with SCCM. WSUS and SUP together are on a seperate VM.
When a new update is published, the SUP sync can't be triggered automatically. This is what the Patch My PC log says:

<![LOG[Triggering a SUP synchronization…]LOG]!><time="13:03:29.362+000" date="04-30-2020" component="SccmHelper" context="" type="1" thread="6" file="">
<![LOG[An error occurred while triggering a SUP synchronization: Generic failure  [-1]]LOG]!><time="13:03:29.377+000" date="04-30-2020" component="SccmHelper" context="" type="3" thread="6" file="">
<![LOG[Failed to triggered a SUP sync]LOG]!><time="13:03:29.377+000" date="04-30-2020" component="ConfigMgrSUPSyncLauncher" context="" type="3" thread="6" file="">

Starting a manual sync in SCCM works fine.

Thanks for the help,

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