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Brave is showing as out-of-date, left column shows v80.1.3.118, right column v0.25.2. Brave itself says it's up-to-date at v1.3.118, chromium v80.03987.116. Not sure why the large discrepancy between the left and right columns or why the version in the left column starts with 80 (seems like it's combining the chromium ver # and Brave ver #), but it's clearly wrong in showing that the app needs to be updated.

Request New Features or Software | Home/Free Updater / Feature requests
« on: February 02, 2020, 12:48:52 PM »
I apologize in advance if some of these have already been mentioned, as I'm sure at least some of them have, and I know #5 has very recently, but having to do the captcha for every post, especially considering it failed when I just tried to reply to the other thread about that, is just too much, not to mention it failed trying to post this, and going back doesn't work, so luckily I copied what I typed before hitting post or it would have been lost, then I tried again but forgot to retype the subject line, so it failed, and then it failed again because I'd "posted" in the last 90 seconds (even though I haven't, because it keeps failing). Very frustrating to say the least. So if there's some repetition of some other requests, just consider it a +1.

1) Add an option, preferably on the main interface, to show programs in the left pane uncategorized, to make it easier to find something without having to figure out which category it's in and locating the category. It would be much faster to simply be able to scroll to it if they're all listed alphabetically. Of course, having them in groups can be useful as well, which is why this should definitely be an option and something that can easily be switched back and forth.
2) Add a menu item to select all apps with an update, possibly with a separate one for just one category and for all apps. There's an option to uncheck them, but then they can't be re-checked. I thought maybe rescanning would do it, and perhaps that's another possible way of implementing this, but it doesn't.
3) Differentiate between minor and major updates. Also, if this is done, there should be a way to select all updates or only major ones.
4) Add an option to ignore beta updates.
5) Add the latest version to the list in the right pane, so it's easy to see just how out of date each app is. For example, instead of "7-Zip 18.01 (x64)" it should say "7-Zip 18.01 (x64) -> 19.00." Also, a small nitpick: some apps are listed as "App Name Ver" and some as "App Name - Ver" (hyphen vs no hyphen).
6) Allow additional apps to be added by scanning the Program Files directories as well as user-configurable directories (for portable apps), similar to how SUMo and some others work. Even if the ability to auto-update them isn't implemented, to at least be able to see their status would be helpful, and even if the user had to manually set a URL for the download or even just to be opened when the app is double-clicked or an update is run when it's checked (probably a good idea to show a pop-up in this case saying x number of tabs will be opened and asking the user if they want to do that), making it easy to quickly get to the download page, that would be a huge improvement.
7) Implement a crowd-source feature like SUMo for faster detection of new versions. Patch My PC seems to be much slower than others at updating when a new version is released.
8) Possibly add Jitsi, Krita, and Thunderbird. Comparing the apps updated by this vs Heimdal Thor, this one does much more but Thor does those three and this doesn't.
9) I haven't been able to test out the cache feature yet, which I assume acts as a versioning archive, saving downloaded installers to allow going back to a previous version, in which case I think it would be a good idea to add an option to only keep x number of versions (x being user-configurable) to prevent a massive buildup of files.

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