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i am not quite sure if this is really an issue of Patch My PC update package but I am unable to successfully install above update (DL-9.2M2).
After successfully publishing the update I try to install it on a test client via Software Center (as it is reported as I needed update). Unfortunately it is running into error 0x80240017(-2145124329) which translates to Update not applicable according to google.
I cannot see any messages in event log or in any CCM log that is relevant (to my knowledge).
Also I tested with some other clients (different models) with no success.

If I run the exe installer that is downloaded into my ccmcache folder manually I can successfully run the update with no further issue.

So my question is regarding the rules of the update package and where to find any further details about why it isn't running anything.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards

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