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Answered Support and General Questions / Zoom update forcing reboots?
« on: April 09, 2020, 09:25:32 AM »
I have noticed that zoom updates in the patchmypc catalog force reboots upon completion. Is this really necessary? What is the easiest way to change this? I just tested the latest zoom 4.6.20033.0407 update and it looks like its just the zoominstallerfull.msi file packaged up in a cabinet file. Since its not using the script running i can't check the PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log file to see the exact command line being used during installation. is there another place i need to look for this info now?

We have a primary site and two secondary sites globally. I am assuming i would need to setup the Patch My PC Publishing Service on each secondary site server with the SUP's along with the primary site. Am i correct in assuming this?

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