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Any progress on this topic?? The option is still not available in the GUI and the product installs with Auto-Update enabled by default


Case opened ;)

We only path we've modified in the last 6 months has been the local content repository. The root content source has been the same since we installed the product

Recently we’re noticing that some of the applications that Patch My PC is managing are being created multiple times (with different versions) in our environment. This is causing our existing deployments and TS to install older versions that need to be updated soon after the fact (they’re also published as an update)

Even though we’ve always had the option to update the existing applications instead of creating new ones

Any idea what could be causing this??

Thanks Justin!!

Fast and effective as always!! Keep up the great work!! ;)


A couple of days ago our sync service has started requesting us to download version 4.8.03036 from some Cisco AnyConnect products we're syncing. On Cisco's website the current available download is version 4.8.03043.

Could you please update the catalog to reflect this latest version?

Thanks!! ;)

Thanks for your quick action Justin!!  ;)

DisplayLink base application install is listed in PatchMyPC as version 9.3.3166, the properties of the binary file that it downloads shows the same version

But once installed, it seems to be version 9.3.3147.0, so the detection method fails because it doesn't find the correct version

One a brand new machine without any previous version installed, from PatchMyPC-ScriptRunner.log

Starting ScriptRunner (V1.6.5.0) with 1 argument(s)   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Current culture info name is: en-US   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
System path is C:\WINDOWS\System32   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Argument #1 is: /InstallPackage   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: installpackage   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Installation mode requested   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Ready to install: [DisplayLink Corp.] - [DisplayLink] - [9.3.3166.0]   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Command-Line argument for Script-Runner is: /MainFile=DisplayLink_USB_Graphics_Software_for_Windows_9.3_M1.exe.."/MainArg=-silent -noreboot -ignoreCompatibility -suppressUpToDateInfo"../KillProcessList=DisplayLinkUI.exe   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Argument #1 is: /MainFile=DisplayLink_USB_Graphics_Software_for_Windows_9.3_M1.exe   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: mainfile=displaylink_usb_graphics_software_for_windows_9.3_m1.exe   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
MainFile is: DisplayLink_USB_Graphics_Software_for_Windows_9.3_M1.exe   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Argument #2 is: "/MainArg=-silent -noreboot -ignoreCompatibility -suppressUpToDateInfo"   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: mainarg=-silent -noreboot -ignorecompatibility -suppressuptodateinfo   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
MainArg is: -silent -noreboot -ignoreCompatibility -suppressUpToDateInfo   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Argument #3 is: /KillProcessList=DisplayLinkUI.exe   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Inspects argument: killprocesslist=displaylinkui.exe   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
KillProcessList is: DisplayLinkUI.exe   Arguments   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
Looking if processes needs to be killed.   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:47   1 (0x0001)
No need to kill processes   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:48   1 (0x0001)
No need to abort due to the running processes   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:48   1 (0x0001)
Running application install: DisplayLink_USB_Graphics_Software_for_Windows_9.3_M1.exe  with argument: -silent -noreboot -ignoreCompatibility -suppressUpToDateInfo   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:31:48   1 (0x0001)
Installation file has run, exit code is: 0   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:32:14   1 (0x0001)
End of installation. Exit code is: 0   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:32:16   1 (0x0001)
End of Script Runner. Exit code is: 0   ScriptRunner   2020.02.27 14:32:16   1 (0x0001)

And inmediately after in PatchMyPC-SoftwareDetectionScript.log

*** Starting detection for DisplayLink Graphics*  with version 9.3.3166.0   f52fa0f7-3c39-44c3-abc8-8e8bc33314ed.ps1:196   2020.02.27 14:32:18   0 (0x0000)
Detection script version 1.4   f52fa0f7-3c39-44c3-abc8-8e8bc33314ed.ps1:197   2020.02.27 14:32:18   0 (0x0000)
Running as xxxxxxx$ [Administrator] on xxxxxxx   f52fa0f7-3c39-44c3-abc8-8e8bc33314ed.ps1:198   2020.02.27 14:32:18   0 (0x0000)
No detection for DisplayLink Graphics* with version 9.3.3166.0   f52fa0f7-3c39-44c3-abc8-8e8bc33314ed.ps1:180   2020.02.27 14:32:18   0 (0x0000)

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