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I've been using it for a couple of years and it amazes me how it never updates, even though I have the settings marked to automatically update.  They seem update it fairly often and whenever I have an issue they tell me to update it.   And there is no button in the app to check for updates to do it so we have to go to their website, compare the version of the app on the main screen to the version listed for downloading. 

Seems to me like patchmypc would be the perfect solution for folks running it. 

My 3 cents.. -Bill Connell

I have been seeing the Java update tray icon for a few days now saying there is a new version, but patchmypc thinks I am current. 

PMPC thinks v231 is current and Java thinks v241 is current.   The PMPC definitions have todays date listed.  Is this normal?  I have not been using PMPC long. 


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