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Title: XMedia Recode
Post by: ThePx on February 28, 2020, 02:40:04 AM

There are two issues about XMedia Recode:

1. It has been updated to but in PMPC it is still in
2. There are two versions of XMR (x86 and x64), but PMPC only downloads the x86 version. If you have installed the x64 version it will detect it but it will download the x86 version.

Title: Re: XMedia Recode
Post by: Admin - Omar on February 28, 2020, 06:38:56 AM
Both issues are fixed now, Thanks for reporting!
Note that when you update XMedia Recode from Patch My PC it will update to the latest x64 and will leave the 32-Bit installed, you have to remove it manually.