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Oracle Java Migration Stopped Working

Started by mbarker, December 18, 2015, 12:30:46 PM

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Around September we inadvertently deployed the Java 6 (x86) to Java 8 (x86) migration to a few hundred machines due to an ADR we had running in SCCM 2012. At the time we weren't ready to upgrade Java, so I quickly disabled the deployments. Later, we had a WSUS meltdown, and as part of the cleanup we deleted all Patch content in SCCM.
Now, we actually want to deploy the Java migration, so I imported and published it, deployed it to some test machines, and nothing happens other than SCCM saying "In Progress" for days.
I found the PatchMyPC Java migration exe: Java6toJava8-x86.exe in the SCCM SoftwareUpdatesServices share, and If I try to run it manually, I see this error:
"There is a problem with this windows installer package a program required for this install to complete could not be run."
I've done a lot of googling about the newer versions of Java being virtually impossible to deploy, and some even mentioned this same error. It looks like the PatchMyPC migration cabs are still dated August, so I am totally puzzled why this used to work, and now does not. One theory I have is that the Java install instigates an autoupdate to a newer build (update 66 being the latest) that now has this issue, whereas back in September the latest Java update did not have this issue... Help! we are on a deadline to deploy Java 8 now.

Justin Chalfant (Patch My PC)

Could you send all the PMPC_*.log files in the C:\Windows\Temp