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Toast popup contains outdated/wrong information (NotificationLocalization.xml)

Started by vik, July 15, 2022, 04:35:01 AM

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Hi there,

Having modified the toast pop up - to match our needs.
However when the toast is shown on a test client - it contains old obsolete information.

E.g. the banner image is wrong - and the text is the default english template - instead of the modified text.

What do I need to update - to make sure the correct toast is shown on the clients?
I can see the package for e.g. Notepad++ contains the NotificationLocalization.xml - but with outdated information.

I have tried re-downloading installation files for Notepad++ to no avail.

Scott (Patch My PC)

Hey Vik

If you right click on the Product you made changes to in the Publisher and select Republish on next sync then run a manual sync from the Sync Schedule tab these options should be updated.


Thanks Scott - I will give it a shot when I'm back at work monday.


Suggested solution - solves the problem.