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How to handle Adobe reader DC / Acrobat DC

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The client is needing to control how/when Adobe applications are pushed,

We want to have a pilot program for new releases and then push it out to everyone a week later, Pretty standard for patch my PC.

Now I believe Adobe Auto updater cannot be disabled by Patch MY PC so I'm confused then on how can we ensure that only pilot devices get the latest update for that first week.

In theory, a device in the normal production environment could get the update in that first week by its self, correct?

Has anyone else had luck in turning off updates or auto-updates?


You can check the article at
I successfully used the registry setting to disable auto-updates for Adobe Reader DC.

Thanks @Stpendl

Did you disable using Intune or through something like group policy?



I've done the same with PowerShell setting registry values, from Intune as a Win32 app so that I could use detection rules and Win32 dependencies (seg registry keys before installing Adobe).


--- Quote from: peter.caldwell on October 19, 2021, 03:43:58 PM ---Did you disable using Intune or through something like group policy?

--- End quote ---
I did not use Intune, just group policy.


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