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Hi all,

One of our computers here Edge will not start. When you try to launch it gives a message something like can't find the file. I am pretty sure I've encountered this issue before and it has to do with the Edge update getting interrupted and that there is a change that can be made in the registry to fix this. Unfortunately I didn't document what I did last time and having trouble finding the fix. Anybody else run into this issue and know how to resolve?


I have Patch My PC syncing daily and an ADR in SCCM/MECM for Edge, Chrome, and FireFox to push out immediately if the severity is Important or Critical. We use Tenable to scan our assets for vulnerabilities and according to the last report we did Microsoft Edge has a 'High' vulnerability and Edge needs to be updated to a minimum of 113.0.1774.50. When I look at the Edge PMPC updates the last one that was Important or Critical was 113.0.1774.35. Everything after that is Moderate. So I guess I'm trying to find out how the severity is assessed by Patch My PC compared to Tenable. Thank you.


Microsoft Edge (Chromium) < 113.0.1774.50 / 112.0.1722.84 Multiple Vulnerabilities

After the Recast Console Extension update installs SCCM keeps asking for a reboot. Offhand I don't think it requires one. Is there a way to verify if this is needed and fix it if it isn't? Is this based on the return code of the install? Thanks.

It looks like a new version of Right Click Tools client - 5.1.2303.1708   - was released on 4/5. Any idea when this will be added to the Patch My PC catalog? Thank you.



Just checked my Patch My PC report for today. I had copied the new files for Java 8.0.3510.10 x86 and x64 but it seems to still be looking for the previous exe file from the last version instead.

Oracle Java 8 8.0.3510.10 (x64)   10/21/2022 7:39:34 PM   84.49 MB   Security   Important   CVE-2022-21628, CVE-2022-21626, CVE-2022-21624, CVE-2022-21619
Could not find file '\\xxxxxxxxx\PatchMyPC-ThirdParty-LocalRepository\jre-8u341-windows-i586.exe'..



Was on a server that has Beyond Compare installed and noticed that it wasn't updated to the latest version. I installed it on a test laptop and it doesn't seem to want to update there either. Shows up in Configuration Manager updates as downloaded and deployed (see attached picture).

Computers are currently on version Lookling at PMP (picture attached) I think the detection rules would pass? Files are located in C:\Program Files\Beyond Compare 4 and the reg key specified exists?

How can I troubleshoot further? Thanks!